Collection: XOUNTS Originals

Discover the world of XOUNTS Originals, where exceptional sound meets unique design. Our exclusive collections - Abstract, Classic, and Essential - are carefully curated to add a touch of personality and style to any interior. XOUNTS Originals offer a unique blend of high-quality sound and aesthetic diversity that transforms your home into an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment.

The Abstract Edition is characterized by its bold colors and dynamic patterns, designed specifically to create a modern and vibrant ambiance. Inspired by abstract art, this collection brings a breath of fresh air to any room and serves as the perfect eye-catcher, adding style and color to your home.

For lovers of timeless elegance, the Classic Edition offers a range of designs that blend tradition and modernity. With its simple and sophisticated look, the Classic collection complements any decorating style, adding a touch of class and luxury to any space. Whether in a minimalist, modern, or richly decorated traditional interior, the Classic Edition promises to be a harmonious and sophisticated element.

The Essential Edition focuses on the essence of design – simplicity and functionality. This collection features a selection of cover designs that impress with their understated elegance, creating a calm, inviting atmosphere. Ideal for those who appreciate subtle refinement, the Essential collection complements any home with a touch of simplicity and tranquility.

Each edition of the XOUNTS Originals has been developed not only to impress with exceptional sound but also to serve as a decorative art piece that enhances the aesthetics of your living space. With a variety of designs ranging from artistically abstract to timelessly classic to simply essential, XOUNTS offers the perfect mix of quality, style, and versatility. Experience how XOUNTS Originals transform your home into a world of sound and beauty.