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  • 2-year warranty

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • 60+ Style Covers

XOUNTS in Detail


Width: 39.00 cm
Height: 102.50 cm
Depth: 39.00 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Miscellaneous: Power cord length 1.5 m


AUX: Yes
3.5mm Jack Input: 1
3.5mm Jack Output: 1
Bluetooth: 4.0 (aptX)
USB: 2.0
Network: RJ45
Lamp Socket: E26
Compatible with Google Home: Yes
Compatible with Amazon Alexa: Yes


Acoustic Principle: Flat Membrane Technology
Downfire: Yes (Subwoofer)
Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Full-range Speakers: 2
Subwoofer: 1
Subwoofer (Diameter): 16.50 cm
Subwoofer (Material): Cellulose, coated
Frequency Range: 35-22,000 Hz
Maximum Sound Pressure: 91 dB/1m


Amplifier: Class D
Amplifier Configuration: 2.1
Power Switch: Yes
Lamp Power Switch: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Bass Control: Yes


Spotify: Yes
Amazon Music: Yes
Apple Music: Yes
Apple TV: Yes
YouTube: Yes
Computer: Yes
Television: Yes
Smartphone: Yes


4.9 out of 5 stars

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This ingenious piece really has it all

Not only does this box produce a 360° sound, which normally requires 2 boxes for stereo, but it's also a real eye-catcher. The sound is just as convincing at low volumes as it is loud, making it great for relaxed work or for a wild party. On top of that, the lighting can score points in various colors.
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The XOUNTS sound system is simply amazing!

The XOUNTS sound system is simply amazing! Not only does it offer incredible sound quality, but it's also a visual masterpiece with its customizable style covers. I love how versatile it is - perfect for parties, movie nights, your own concert at home (because that's what it feels like) and even gaming. The sleek design is a great addition to any room and will impress anyone who sees it. Overall, I highly recommend the XOUNTS to anyone looking for a premium audio experience. It's definitely the right choice for anyone who wants to "feel" the music again!
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Three words: I am thrilled!

I've had the Xounts for a few weeks now and I've been very pleasantly surprised from day one. The delivery was quick and came in a high-quality box. The Xounts and accessories were really carefully packed. There was also a video card with detailed explanations, which I have never seen before! About the Xounts: The sound is incredibly crystal clear and delivers an impressive bass response. I have placed the speaker in my living room (approx. 20 square meters) and it really fills the room with music very well, otherwise the connection to my smartphone is quick and easy and controlling the LED bulb via the Xounts app is intuitive. The size of the Xounts should not be underestimated, but as I have enough space, it fits perfectly into my interior. Above all, the design is something completely new and a real eye-catcher.As I said above, I am very satisfied with my purchase and can recommend the Xounts speaker to anyone looking for a high-quality, powerful Bluetooth speaker combined with a unique design.summarized conclusion: Top price-performance ratio👍
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I'm thrilled to bits!

A chill Sunday evening with good music... I'm over the moon about the "Klaus grillt" cover.
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Good and very fast delivery

review image

I am impressed!

I am thrilled! The pool is finished and the XOUNTS has got its summer place. Finally good sound while chilling and then with ambience in the evening. It couldn't be better. Many thanks to the XOUNTS team for bringing me joy every day :-)
review image

I love this sound system!

I love this sound system! A real eye-catcher... not only on the bachelorette party
review image

Overall good product

review image

Every tone a joy

"Great concept, awesome sound and an extraordinary design! I can't imagine my living room without XOUNTS."
review image

Love the piece of art

Love the piece of art by Billi Methe and XOUNTS! Art and music are a wonderful combination.
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I'm often asked about my XOUNTS in my streams because the unique design immediately catches the eye!

I'm often asked about my XOUNTS in my streams because the unique design immediately catches the eye! In addition to the unique look, the sound system delivers an incredible sound and a juicy bass that really brings out the best in hard dance tracks. 🔥I'm super happy with my XOUNTS and can only recommend the sound system 👍
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Totally amazing!

review image

The product of the year​

"For me, the product of the year" "The sound is unique, the 360 degree sound is simply concert - pure feeling. The Xounts speaker is not only easy to assemble, but also very flexible, simply unplug it and plug it in somewhere else and you always have the unforgettable sound close by. It's not just the speaker that's special, but also the service and the XOUNTS team. Always friendly, always helpful. Not to forget, the "golden envelope" that comes with the delivery shows that you have something special here. I tried out all the different music genres, from ACDC to Schlager, everything was outstanding. Finally, the design, the speaker fits into EVERY home furnishing. I also ordered three different skins to have some variety. All around the product of the year for me."
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Top quality

The Xounts arrived within a few days and could be set up effortlessly. The sound experience is indescribable. Both deep bass and high tones can be played amazingly well. Gladly and at any time again!
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We've had our Xounts for over 2 years

The service from Xounts is just fantastic. When we got the Xounts in July '21, there were difficulties with the Bluetooth module ... A quick call ... Described the problem ... bang, 2 new Bluetooth modules on their way to us. Now, after just over 2 years, the Xounts discreetly gave up the ghost ... the treble was suddenly gone, you could only hear bass. We recorded a short video and contacted Xounts. They gave us a brief consultation, asked us to check a few more points ... Done, wrote feedback ... and lo and behold, Xounts gives a 3-year guarantee and we got a completely new Xounts. No matter which way you contact them ... whether by phone, email or WhatsApp ... you get an immediate response and the help you need. I can only say, hats off ... rarely experienced such a great service. We enjoy the clean and full sound of our XOUNTS every day and can only say: Keep up the good work!!!!

The Sound System of Your Dreams with XOUNTS

Welcome to the XOUNTS Configurator – where your music meets your style in perfect harmony.

Dive into the world of personalized sound with our exclusive configurator. Design your XOUNTS sound system to suit your taste. Our configurator offers you the unique opportunity to choose from a variety of band-style covers that transform your sound system into a true work of art, making a statement in any room. Why settle for a standard speaker when you can have your own custom sound system? With XOUNTS, you choose the centerpiece of your musical and stylistic expression. Our carefully curated collection includes exclusive covers featuring artwork from renowned bands, allowing you to celebrate your music taste while enjoying top-quality sound.

But that’s not all. The XOUNTS Configurator also offers a selection of accessories that enhance every listening experience. Whether it’s Wheel Trolleys that turn your XOUNTS into a mobile sound system, or additional lighting options that create the right atmosphere – each accessory is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Creating your personalized XOUNTS is simple and intuitive

Start by choosing the base color of your XOUNTS – classic black or pure white. This color will be the foundation for all further customizations and can significantly influence your personal style choice. Then dive into our selection of band-style covers. Whether you’re into Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Glam Metal, or Thrash Metal – we’re sure to have something that perfectly matches your taste. Next, choose the accessories that meet your requirements and ensure that your XOUNTS not only sounds perfect but also fits perfectly into your life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your audio experience to a new level – with a sound system that shows who you really are. The XOUNTS Configurator is your key to a world where first-class sound quality meets individual style. Configure your XOUNTS today and bring a new dimension and quality to your music life.