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When Music Meets Art

Discover the Exclusive Rob Prior Edition for the XOUNTS 360° Sound System

Discover the exclusive Rob Prior Edition for the XOUNTS 360° Sound System: Rob Prior, internationally acclaimed and renowned for his unique artworks, combines traditional painting techniques with modern graphic approaches and unconventional tools like airbrush and spray paint. His dynamic compositions radiate an unparalleled energy, especially evident in his live painting performances.

Together with Rob Prior, we have designed 6 limited edition Style Covers that shine through the XOUNTS light show. These designs transform your sound system into a true work of art while delivering outstanding music quality. Experience the perfect symbiosis of extraordinary art and innovative audio technology – where music meets art.

Rob Prior Collection

Our Rob Prior Style Covers are more than just a shell for your XOUNTS – they convey your style and passion for music to the outside world. For the perfect music experience, we have developed a special fabric that allows sound and light to breathe. Each Rob Prior Style Cover is made with love and intricate attention to detail.